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In order to Tell Your Story, you must Find Your Why
Facing Your Fears

A 45 minute Yes, I Can Do It session will guide you to becoming connected with your most important goal by identifying and creating ACTION needed to jump-start excitement to Living Your Best Life

From Fear to Fearless

Two 90-minute Lifestyle Strategy sessions will empower you to:
 Discover Your Why
 Identify your Core Values
 Set that important Goal
 Create a custom SMART Success Plan that breaks down your Goal into actionable steps to support your Desired Lifestyle
I will see you through it with:
 Check-ins via email or text to
Champion your Aha! Moments
 Guide you through any stumbling blocks from your SMART Success Plan

Fearless, Bold & Confident

Life by Design program consists of Eight (one-hour) sessions that will allow us to work intensely to Design a New You!
 Discover and Brainstorm Your Vision
 Create Master Plan of Your Vision in the form of Short and Long Term Goals;
 Develop Methods of Confidence to Boldly Face Your Fears and Clear Away any Self-Sabotaging Doubts that will hinder you from moving forward.
 Learn Accountability Skills which will Empower you to purposely seek the right people who will hold you accountable of your Newly Designed Life.

Fearless & Confidently… PAID

The Invest in You, Entrepreneurial Program is a three month intensive that focuses on the small business side of conquering fear, knowing you’ve earned your seat at the table–you are enough, and handling your finances by Investing in YOU. It’s a compilation of all of my coaching programs that also concentrates on the Financial Planning and Budget Management, Customer Identity and Time Management aspects of entrepreneurship.

Exercise Your Mind

I hope you are having a good day and I'm more than happy that you've landed here.  I'm also very proud of you for attending to your self development needs.

I have prepared a few coaching exercises for you to get started on your own.  Each of the exercises has easy-to-follow instructions for you to apply on your own.  At any point in your self exploration, feel free to reach out for a one-on-one professional coaching conversation.  I'm here for you.

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About Tonesha

Confidence is a muscle you must exercise daily
Tonesha Smith Coaching

Hello, I'm Tonesha. I'm a Certified Life Coach with a focus on Conquering Fear by Building Confidence to help push you through some of life's adversities. I prefer to work with clients who, I believe, have the potential to dig deep in their truths, get rid of self-sabotaging lies and are willing to embrace techniques designed to enhance growth and build confidence. In essence, let me help you to Stop Running from Your Fears of Success.

Coaching Programs - Each of my coaching programs will be broken down into manageable, healthy, lifestyle action items designed just for you. You will develop life changing techniques to identify the triggers that may be hindering you from the success you've been longing.

By the end of the coaching program, as long as you do the work, you will begin to challenge yourself to confidently face your fears to achieve the goals you desire. Trust the Process. Wear your crown confidently!

  • Face Your Fears

    Get Rid of the Lies and Self-Doubt

  • Build Confidence

    Increase Self-Esteem & Core Values

  • Keep your Goals Smart

    Optimize Performance. Create a Healthy, Well-balanced Lifestyle

  • Live Life by Design

    Communicate Better and Increase Productivity

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