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Never Give Up!

Let me say it again, but a little louder, NEVER GIVE UP!  I was on a spiritual time-out for a whole 18 months.  The Universe caused somethings to shift in my life that I didn’t have control of… well so I thought.

After certifying, it seemed like it was going to take forever for me to get my coaching practice up and running with clients. Fear took its toll so I wrote and had to experience life to face those fears. Then the impossible happened, I lost all of my data, back-up and website files. I was beyond pissed. I was so pissed that I had to start all over that I did absolutely nothing. I wanted to give up, I really did, but I couldn’t. I went dormant for a while, but I couldn’t ignore my purpose; it was brewing inside to continue. So, here I am; I didn’t give up and neither should you.